On August 22, 2017, the Microsoft Windows Server Team announced that the new Windows Server 2016 Security Guide is now available!

We know that Windows Server 2016 includes major security innovations that can help protect privileged identity, make it harder for attackers to breach your servers, and detect attacks so that you can respond faster.

So, in terms of Best Practices, this new paper includes General Guidance for helping secure servers in customers environment as well as specific pointers on how you can utilize new security features in Windows Server 2016.

You can download the Windows Server 2016 Security Guide on Microsoft Download here.

For more additional security information, see Windows Server security document listed below:

More Microsoft demos on YouTube to protect administrator credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks by using Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard, and limit administrator privileges usage with Just-In-Time Administration (JIT) and Just Enough Administration (JEA):

  • Watch a Credential Guard demo on YouTube.
  • With Device Guard protect the applications that run on your OS anywhere it’s deployed,  with Control Flow Guard help protect against memory corruption attacks and with Windows Defender optimized for Server roles help protect against known malware.
  • Discover Just Enough Administration by viewing this Microsoft webcast on YouTube.

Enjoy reading this guidance documents and stay tuned!