Hello Guys,
I am back from the MVP Summit 2018 in Seattle and I wished once again say “Many Thanks to all Microsoft staff and PMs. This MVP Summit 2018 was a great moment of exchange, sharing and more!”

A Great Summit…

All sessions deal with real topics, true-life scenarios and most ended with a lot of applause. Good information often under NDA on features that are coming with Windows Server vNext aka RS5 – 1809! 

For me this year the stay will have been a little shorter than expected because of a next travel in a row, but I’m sure this Summit will have been even more intense for me!

…with a lot of Wonderful Sessions…

For the moment, I remember that the CDM sessions – Cloud and Datacenter Management, were well filled. In fact, with Azure in perpetual evolution, Windows Server vNext (RS5 – 1809) is revealed slowly with a ton of new SDDC features. It will also finally be the Windows Server “Core” success story with Honolulu – Server Management Environment.

So, many evolutions on Azure, on Azure Stack too but also and perhaps especially on-Premise with Windows Server vNext, all with a pillar: End-to-end security.

So, we can talk about it soon, but not now, because NDA is an obligation!

… to an Hybrid Cloud focused on Users, Devices and Data

For sure, the Hybrid Cloud will be the Digital Information System of tomorrow – it is already today for a tiny part of companies. And this will happen, if and only if, end-to-end security at all levels of the stack are present and efficient! 

With the ongoing evolutions and new features on Active Directory, Azure AD, ADFS, Microsoft 365, Hyper-V, Honolulu and SDDC services of Windows Server vNext – of course, still based on Windows Server 2016, Microsoft lays the bricks of the Satya Nadella strategy: “Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Data”.

Finally, the Hybrid Cloud must be Data centric to allow users to access their Apps, Services and Data with maximum security on any platform or device. The road is still long and Microsoft must be vigilant, but the strategy is well underway. Don’t forget that more than 90% of Fortune 500 already in the Azure Cloud!

In summary, despite the enthusiasm for Azure or AWS, “Hybrid” is the most important word that I keep. For me, it is clear that Windows Server vNext (RS5 – 1809) will be an essential part of the On-Premise infrastructure.

Thanks to Microsoft PM:
Elden Christensen, Claus Joergensen, Cosmos Darwin, Jim Wooldridge, Ned Pyle – and its Pets, Sarah Cooley, Ben Armstrong (who came to see us even sick), Garett Watumull, Dean Wells, John Marlin, Daniel Havey and also those that I forget to mention.

And of course, Goodbye and see you soon” to my MVP friends: Seyfallah Tagrerout, Romain Serre, Florent Appointaire, Didier van Hoye, Thomas Maurer, Guillaume Mathieu, Marcel Zehner …. and all others!



Jeff/ from France