WAC-S2D-RS1-Preview3Hi There,

As Microsoft shared at the MVP Summit last month, the April update to Windows Admin Center (previously named ‘Project Honolulu’) adds support for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure running on Windows Server 2016 (1607 / RS1), in Preview.

Support for Windows Server 2016

Until now, the WAC experience has required an Insider Preview build of Windows Server 2019. Today, with the April update of Windows Admin Center and the latest Cumulative Update of Windows Server 2016, you can now use Windows Admin Center to manage the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure you already have today.

This new Windows Admin Center 1604 version supports new following features:

  • Support for Windows Server 2016 and Insider Preview of Windows Server 2019
  • Adjust the mirror/parity ratio
  • and Contextual safety checks, a very useful feature for IT Admins! 


To use it with Windows Server 2016 RS1, install the April 17th 2018-04 CU for Windows Server 2016, KB4093120, on every server in your Storage Spaces Direct cluster. This update is required because the new HCI experience depends on new management APIs that are added in this update.


Get started

Windows Admin Center brings together compute, storage, and soon networking within one purpose-built, consistent, and interconnected experience. You can browse your host servers and drives; monitor performance and resource utilization across the whole cluster; enjoy radically simple workflows to provision and manage virtual machines and volumes; and much more.

To get started, download Windows Admin Center, the next-generation in-box management tool for Windows Server. It’s free, takes less than five minutes to install, and can be used without an Internet connection.

For more detailed instructions, read the documentation. here on Microsoft Docs.

6 videos to discover WAC and S2D HCI operations

If you’re just getting started, here are some quick Storage Spaces Direct tutorials to help you learn how Windows Admin Center for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is organized and works. These videos were recorded with Windows Admin Center version 1804 and an Insider Preview build of Windows Server 2019.

And cool links for you!

And this one with Jeff Woolsey to take a look at updates in Windows Admin Center and PowerShell Core to manage all the server infrastructure. Jeff explains the updates IT pros will want to know about and demonstrates what’s new in WAC – including Remote Desktop Protocol (new native HTML5 RDP connections), Windows Client Management and PowerShell support. Speaking of PowerShell, Jeff also shows how everything has evolved to PowerShell Core, so you can manage your Windows and Linux workloads from one unified scripting place. This video demonstrate how with a single cmdlet, you can talk to both Windows and Linux machines and get cross-platform joined outputs.

In summary, Server and Cluster Management is great via the Windows Admin Center portal and in addition, PowerShell Core 6.0 permits to manage Windows and Linux systems as Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, OpensSUSE, Fedora from one place!

Enjoy Windows Admin Center,