Today between 13:57 and 16:45 UTC on 16 Oct 2018, several Microsoft Azure Services were impacted in France Region:

  • Storage, Virtual Machines
  • Impacted Region(s): France Central
Summary of impact:
  • Between 13:57 and 16:45 UTC on 16 Oct 2018, a subset of customers may have experienced difficulties connecting to resources in the France Central region.
  • Preliminary root cause: Engineers identified a localized infrastructure event which caused an availability drop for Storage and Virtual Machines resources in this region.  Some services with dependencies on Storage and/or VMs also experienced impact during this time .
  • Mitigation: Services automatically recovered following the infrastructure event. Engineers validated and monitored service health before declaring mitigation.
  • Next steps: Engineers are continuing to investigate to establish the full root cause for this issue and will provide a detailed RCA within approximately 72 hours.

About the root cause, Microsoft statement is: “We are currently facing issues with a Datacenter located in France, the case is being threated internally and we have confirmed a loss of power in such servers.”

Right now, all services are restored. They are up and running fine but some customers could not access their Azure services for a period of 2:45 hours this afternoon.

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